Ferrari Paint Jobs Can Run Upward of $50,000+

Ferrari, one of the fastest and popular sports car among the rich people still living in the earth, and owning at least one Ferrari is every rich man’s dream. The minimum price of a Ferrari is 8 million U.S dollars and the price goes up as the Italian company manufactured and introduced new models of the brand, hence the price of such new models goes up the ladder too. Red is the signature color of the Ferrari which has a brand logo of a pony which is engraved between the two glinting huge headlights. This is why many people ask, how much does it cost to paint a car? And the answer is that it really depends.

However, the number of red Ferraris have dropped down by 45% in 2010 from 85% which existed since the 1990s. This probably an indication trying to let us know that rich men no longer want their prancing pony to be red, rather black. For some of them, they want their own designs and color patterns to flaunt their possession in the public. But do not worry, you can still buy a red, glossy Ferrari if you want one. You’ll want insurance from.  In order to survive in the competition and buyers having a wide range of preference in colors, Ferrari is offering every color that makes up a spectrum. From shiny violet to orange, the company can also draw and paint your customized picture on your car making it look like the ultimate driving vehicle ever built. Before ordering a Ferrari, the potential customers can send a sample of color for his/ her Ferrari to the company which will find the exact tone of color and design to match your preference. Some buyers completely ruined the signature color and design of a Ferrari by painting the car using the most grotesque combination of colors possible, but if you have enough money then you can customize your car whichever color and pattern you like.