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One thing that you need to consider when trying to find the right coffee bag to package your coffee up in is the size of the bag. There are several different sizes available depending on the quantity you are going to be selling. Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.46.31 PM

You will even be able to find your own machine that will run your printed roll stock through it so that you will be able to put the correct amount in the bag and then seal it up. This type of coffee would be for consumers. Once you start getting a few clients you will have to use different sizes of bags to be able to fill their orders.

If you do not want to make your own bags then you can buy coffee bags wholesale that you can use to put your coffee in. says that this is a great option since it will free up some of your warehouse space by not having to put a machine in. It will also save on the cost of a machine that you would have to use. You will be able to have the bags you need, already printed with the name brand and flavor of the coffee that you are going to put inside.

Sometimes you might need to have paper coffee bags for customers who order between two and five pounds of coffee. You might get orders from offices or other clients who want to order several two to five pound bags of coffee beans that they can grind themselves. A paper bag is the best for this type of order because they are large enough to fit all of the beans inside and they are easy to seal and unseal.

If you have a large order then you will want to use burlap coffee bags to put all of the beans inside. This will usually be orders for 25, 50, or even 100 pounds of roasted coffee beans at a time. You might get orders like this from coffee shops or other businesses who serve fresh coffee in their establishment. Burlap will hold the weight of the coffee and it is very breathable so the beans will stay fresh while inside of the bag.

For smaller quantities of coffee the foil coffee bags that are available are the best to use. These are like the ones that you can use for consumer purchases. It might hold a quantity that is small enough to make a commercial pot of coffee or it might hold a pound or two of ground coffee. If you use these tips then you will be able to find the right bags to use to package the coffee that you are going to be manufacturing with your new business venture.