Use Your Fingers Like a Boss While on the Guitar

One of the things I find constantly amazing about guitarists of almost all levels, is that many hardly ever use their little finger, especially when soloing. I mean think about it, you’re reducing your capability by 25%!

See the chap in this video improvise (from about 28secs on). He’s very good, but imagine how much better he could be if he used his pinky…

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Admittedly, if you mainly use the blues or pentatonic scale, you may not be playing more than 2 or 3 notes per string anyway, but by the simple act of neglecting the use of your smallest finger, you are also mentally boxing yourself in.

For example, going for a note much further up the neck isn’t possible with just your 3 main fingers, but playing like this may lead to it not even occurring to you as an option. Without using your little finger regularly, your reach is limited both physically AND mentally.

Dimebag Darrell Abbot of Pantera and HellYeah fame is a guitarist with an amazing reach. The intervals (2 different notes with a gap between) he can play with his index and little finger are famously huge, and as such, people with limited reach or short fingers can actually find some of his solos physically impossible to play, but that’s not why I mentioned him.

You can watch them on youtube if you want.

It’s not for his amazing reach that he is held in such reverence as a truly special guitarist, but what he did with it. His playing was really quite off the wall, original and unique (SVDPHC). Certainly, for metal guitarists who are looking to make their sound more individual he is definitely worth some study.