Amino Prime is it the Best Muscle Building Supplement? Our Review

Here at PowerGlideMag we take our muscle supplements pretty serious.

First hearing about Amino Prime we got pretty juiced up. We’re always down to hear out supplements because we’ve had some success with muscle supplements before.

What Amino Prime Does

Here are the major benefits that you’ll allegedly get when using Amino Prime.

Accelerate your muscle recovery

Increase your sexual performance

Unleash your nitric oxide levels

Build rock hard Muscle

Eliminate stomach fat

Uptake 10 times more proteins

How Does it Work?

Right now your body only breaks down about 10-20% of ingested protein. Using Amino Prime you supposedly break down 100% of your protein supplements resulting in a stronger you!

This supplement raises amino acid concentration. What this does is “trick” your tummy into a satisfied feeling. When you’re satisfied in an full state, you’re able to build muscle and recovery more quickly because the visceral fat is being used as energy. At this time, pretty much no calories are able to be stored as fat. This is extremely important after a hard workout when the muscles are begging for nutrients.

Official Reviews


Our Reviews

Chris – #1 goal was accomplished from this. Stomach rid of the flat tire. Pretty jazzed up about it. Who knows about the nitric levels and more protein intake…the whole science thing…I know I was just able to tone and bulk up at the same time.

Nick – Not sure if it worked of if it was just me working out hard. I tried to keep everything the same, but I had already been peaking. I’m still iffy on it. Going to keep testing it to see what happens.

David – use with working out and it’s pure gold. Was able to hit the gym even harder the next day. Also was able to last 10 minutes longer….awesome.

Me – as for me, the product works pretty well. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get pretty jacked up before going to the gym. I was also able to lift a little bit more than I usually do. I was also able to have higher stamina while lifting. That’s actually the thing that I thought I found most beneficial of the product. It was also nice being able to lift incredibly hard and then next day not be a sore thanks for the quick muscle recovery. I definitely felt that fact. Now did I get bigger from the products specifically? I’m not sure. But I was able to lift more on it so theoretically, it definitely helped.

Where to Get the free trial?

If you’re interested you can get a free trial from here.


Overall, it looks like the product works pretty well. There are a lot of positive reviews online about it. We did extensive research on it to see if anyone else is having the same mixed results as we work. Now Chris and David both said that it worked, however Nick is unsure. So we can’t bullshit you and tell you that it 100% work. However, we have seen positive results from it for the most part. Hopefully Nick will start to see more results or be able to do better field testing to be able to narrow down his results. He could very well just been giving himself too much credit in the gym.

It’s also pretty nice that they’re giving away free trial for the products. Definitely says a lot about it and that they’re willing to put their name out there online. We all picked up bars using a free trial we got a bottle of it. I would assume Chris and David are going back for more.