Don’t Get Obsessed With Payday Loans

I know that that this not a good sign but I have been applying for payday loans regularly.

I know that I have been losing money because of applying for it but given my capacity to manage my own money, I think that payday loans really help me.

There is just times that I feel like I should be spending big because I deserve it but then I end up finding myself in a financial rut. Sometimes after paying for a few expenses I feel like I have paid for everything in the money left in me, I spend them on things that I love like my action figure collection. But by the end of the month, I realize that there are still a few things that I haven’t paid for. But because I have already used up the money, I needed a way to pay for them instantly. I mean I can afford them with my paycheck and all but I didn’t have the money at the moment. So I went and sought help at

It did help me. I paid for everything that I needed to pay for even before my paycheck was given to me.

But it became a habit for me and now I am constantly applying for payday loans.

I have read online that should not regularly use payday loans because it is unhealthy financially but is very hard to stop because of the convenience that comes with it. I know that it is just a matter of mind setting but right now I see that I’m stuck in a rut and I seriously need to do something about it. Sun Eagle Financial has some options, but the harder I think about giving a solution for it, the more I become lazy and start back to square one again.

If you are just starting out with payday loans my advice to you is don’t get too excited because you get to you quick.

And I say it gets to you quick, I mean you will start to get dependent and that is the last thing that you want to do. Take my advice and go slow on your payday loans.


Thank God For Payday Loans

I can say that I had a pretty bad start this year. The amount expenses is just off the roof. I had to pay for everything now because my roommate just got a job from another city and she had to move before new year. It was really awful, I know. I haven’t been active in the gym for 2 months now because I was always still in the adjustment period of living without my roommate. In the two months of living alone, there are 3 things that I am thankful for: kerridwynn payday loans, online shopping, and fast food takeout.

For a quick background, me and my roommate, whose name is Annie, lived in a two-bedroom apartment and we have always been inseparable. Making the decision of moving away to another city was one of the worse experiences that she has ever had. Well, she told me that’s why I know. It was very heart-breaking for the both of us because we have become so well-adjusted with each other and we just mix well together.

We shared all the household expenses. I payed for the electricity bill, which was the highest expense of the house, and half of the rent. She took care of other bills like water, internet, the other half of the rent, and other minor expenses. It was a good arrangement. Now that she has left, I am left with all the financial load. I wasn’t the best in budgeting my money. Annie always did the thinking when it comes to paying and allocating funds. Even for my money, she took care of it.

So there I was being the big spender that I was. I payed for all the expenses that I knew about with all the cash that I have at the moment. I had a time deposit that is why I can’t instantly access my money. I literally had nothing after I paid for all the expenses. Could it get any worse? Yes. Yes, it did. There was an expense that wasn’t paid for yet and it was really urgent so I decided to get a payday loan. The interest rate was high but it did the job. I hope that does not happen to me again.

Use Your Fingers Like a Boss While on the Guitar

One of the things I find constantly amazing about guitarists of almost all levels, is that many hardly ever use their little finger, especially when soloing. I mean think about it, you’re reducing your capability by 25%!

See the chap in this video improvise (from about 28secs on). He’s very good, but imagine how much better he could be if he used his pinky…

See the video at

Admittedly, if you mainly use the blues or pentatonic scale, you may not be playing more than 2 or 3 notes per string anyway, but by the simple act of neglecting the use of your smallest finger, you are also mentally boxing yourself in.

For example, going for a note much further up the neck isn’t possible with just your 3 main fingers, but playing like this may lead to it not even occurring to you as an option. Without using your little finger regularly, your reach is limited both physically AND mentally.

Dimebag Darrell Abbot of Pantera and HellYeah fame is a guitarist with an amazing reach. The intervals (2 different notes with a gap between) he can play with his index and little finger are famously huge, and as such, people with limited reach or short fingers can actually find some of his solos physically impossible to play, but that’s not why I mentioned him.

It’s not for his amazing reach that he is held in such reverence as a truly special guitarist, but what he did with it. His playing was really quite off the wall, original and unique. Certainly, for metal guitarists who are looking to make their sound more individual he is definitely worth some study.

Pros for a Good Stroller


  • What makes the Graco Trekko Stroller stand out is the wheel system it comes with. The stroller features tires that are designed to never go flat. This is an extremely handy feature in city sidewalks and trails. Navigating in urban pavements can be a hassle with people walking everywhere and sharp turns here and there. The front swivel wheel the stroller comes with makes taking sharp turns easier. Getting the stroller to stop is quite easy with the one-touch foot brake it comes with.
  • Have you ever felt frustrated while using a specific stroller because it was difficult to fold? Can you recall someone who went through such a troubled experience? Well… says you can say goodbye to such situations now with the one-hand folding mechanism that the Graco Trekko Stroller features. The stroller can be folded with just your single hand at a push of a button and also features a latch that prevents the stroller from opening on its own when folded.
  • Another feature that makes the Graco Trekko Stroller stand out is the 180-degree rotating canopy that it features. The rotating canopy offers your child head-to-toe protection from harsh weather conditions regardless of the time of day.
  • Peek-in window that allows you to keep an eye on your child from time to time.
  • The stroller also features an adjustable harness that truly grows with your child. You can convert the harness from a three-point to five-point harness to keep your child secure and comfortable at all times.

Espresso Cups Can Make Espresso faster Than Ever Says One Duderoni

One thing that you need to consider when trying to find the right coffee bag to package your coffee up in is the size of the bag. There are several different sizes available depending on the quantity you are going to be selling. Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.46.31 PM

You will even be able to find your own machine that will run your printed roll stock through it so that you will be able to put the correct amount in the bag and then seal it up. This type of coffee would be for consumers. Once you start getting a few clients you will have to use different sizes of bags to be able to fill their orders.

If you do not want to make your own bags then you can buy coffee bags wholesale that you can use to put your coffee in. says that this is a great option since it will free up some of your warehouse space by not having to put a machine in. It will also save on the cost of a machine that you would have to use. You will be able to have the bags you need, already printed with the name brand and flavor of the coffee that you are going to put inside.

Sometimes you might need to have paper coffee bags for customers who order between two and five pounds of coffee. You might get orders from offices or other clients who want to order several two to five pound bags of coffee beans that they can grind themselves. A paper bag is the best for this type of order because they are large enough to fit all of the beans inside and they are easy to seal and unseal.

If you have a large order then you will want to use burlap coffee bags to put all of the beans inside. This will usually be orders for 25, 50, or even 100 pounds of roasted coffee beans at a time. You might get orders like this from coffee shops or other businesses who serve fresh coffee in their establishment. Burlap will hold the weight of the coffee and it is very breathable so the beans will stay fresh while inside of the bag.

For smaller quantities of coffee the foil coffee bags that are available are the best to use. These are like the ones that you can use for consumer purchases. It might hold a quantity that is small enough to make a commercial pot of coffee or it might hold a pound or two of ground coffee. If you use these tips then you will be able to find the right bags to use to package the coffee that you are going to be manufacturing with your new business venture.

Ferrari Paint Jobs Can Run Upward of $50,000+

Ferrari, one of the fastest and popular sports car among the rich people still living in the earth, and owning at least one Ferrari is every rich man’s dream. The minimum price of a Ferrari is 8 million U.S dollars and the price goes up as the Italian company manufactured and introduced new models of the brand, hence the price of such new models goes up the ladder too. Red is the signature color of the Ferrari which has a brand logo of a pony which is engraved between the two glinting huge headlights. This is why many people ask, how much does it cost to paint a car? And the answer is that it really depends.

However, the number of red Ferraris have dropped down by 45% in 2010 from 85% which existed since the 1990s. This probably an indication trying to let us know that rich men no longer want their prancing pony to be red, rather black. For some of them, they want their own designs and color patterns to flaunt their possession in the public. But do not worry, you can still buy a red, glossy Ferrari if you want one. You’ll want insurance from  In order to survive in the competition and buyers having a wide range of preference in colors, Ferrari is offering every color that makes up a spectrum. From shiny violet to orange, the company can also draw and paint your customized picture on your car making it look like the ultimate driving vehicle ever built. Before ordering a Ferrari, the potential customers can send a sample of color for his/ her Ferrari to the company which will find the exact tone of color and design to match your preference. Some buyers completely ruined the signature color and design of a Ferrari by painting the car using the most grotesque combination of colors possible, but if you have enough money then you can customize your car whichever color and pattern you like.